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Big overhaul of Dealers and Manufacturers page.
14 August 2012
Updates to the Plans and Drawings page (new plans!) and to the Books and Magazines page.
5 July 2011
Updates to the steam events calendar.
7 March 2011
Charlie Dockstader's valve gear program is now hosted by the Bitter Creek Western RR site.
8 December 2010
New locos from Diamondhead 2010 in the Ruby modifications gallery.
The indexes to Steam in the Garden magazine have been updated.
20 January 2010
The Steam in the Garden web site went off the air for a short period, but it's back up again.
6 January 2009
Ron and Marie Brown have graciously provided Steam in the Garden indexes to us.
15 November 2008
We note with great sadness the demise of Steam in the Garden's web site.
29 October 2008
Marc Horovitz' book on small-scale live steamers, A Passion for Steam, is available now and it is wonderful. If you like little steam locos (and you do, or you wouldn't be here), this is a "must-have" book for you.
25 September 2008
We're back from Diamondhead, so it's time to update the events calendar and clean up the organization links. I've done miscellaneous small updates and corrections during the last several months, as well.
8 February 2008
The only updates I have made recently are fairly small - mostly corrections or deletions from the manufacturers and dealers page.
But don't miss the recent additions to the Ruby Gallery!
27 July 2007
Various clean-up activities: updating the events calendar, removing some dead links, etc.
The biggest news is a CD-ROM set by Keith Bucklitch and Francis Leach, detailing the building of "Brazil", a 0-4-2ST.
22 December 2006
In the Plans & Drawings section, there is now a link to Susan Parker's Byers geared locomotive project. She's doing full-size CAD drawings, which will then be scaled to 1.5" and 1" scales (riding sizes) as well as to 15mm and 16mm scale (garden sizes).
20 July 2006
DJB Engineering has developed coal-fired boiler retrofits for Accucraft's Edrig and Ruby locos.
3 April 2006
The date is now set for the Midwest Steamup: May 4-7, 2006. See event entry for registration information.
1 March 2006
After many years of hosting the Steam in the Garden web site, Richard Finlayson has had to retire from that happy duty. Though too few of us recognized his contribution, we all owe him a great debt for the wonderful work he did for so many years. Thanks, Richard!
Richard has retained the old domain name,, and there is still good information there. Steam in the Garden has moved its site to a similar name,
24 February, 2006
Updates to the Plans and Drawings page, as well as to the Events Calendar.
8 February 2006
I've added more Ruby kitbashes to the Ruby Gallery: Kevin Strong's 0-4-4 Forney, Scot Lawrence's beautiful inspection loco and Al Cash's fabulous Mason Bogie.
10 December 2005
Many updates to the Manufacturers and Dealers page.
6 October 2005
I've added a photo of my 0-4-2ST conversion to the Ruby Gallery.
30 March 2005
According to GartenBahn magazine, Accucraft are showing live steam versions of the 1:20.3 scale K-28 at the International Toy Fair in Nürnberg. Reppingen has a prototype Harzquerbahn 2-10-2 and Regner has several new models in live steam.
16 February 2005
GartenBahn mistakenly reported that the Accucraft Big Boy was shown in live steam. This was a mistake.
I've done a good bit of (unannounced) maintenance, but it's time for the annual housecleaning and fact-checking. The Dealers and Manufacturers page got a thorough examination, of course, with a good number of updates. Roundhouse Engineering has discontinued their videotape Raising Steam, which was noted in the Media listings. The Steam in the Garden index will be updated any day now, when the CD arrives.
4 February 2005
We're all back from Diamondhead and Sinsheim, now -- exhausted, happy, and full of inspiration from our trips. So, it's time for some updates.
The various dates and times for the winter steam events have been updated for 2005 in the steam calendar.
The Big News this time is that Marie Brown has compiled an up-to-date index for Steam in the Garden magazine, which I have put in place of the outdated index I made.  Thanks, Marie and Ron!
Want to see an amazing museum-qualitiy coal-fired model of an early British plateway locomotive?  (You can look, but don't touch, please!)  I've put Rob Preston Model Locomotives in the Dealers and Manufacturers page.  Enjoy!
5 January 2004
More cleanup of dead links, etc., scattered all over the site.  Nothing big, but necessary.
22 December, 2003
It's been pretty quiet lately: mostly, I've only made small changes to the site to reflect new details from various manufacturers.  But some interesting developments have turned up lately in the Dealers and Manufacturers area:
  • Many of Accucraft's UK and European dealers now have web sites where you can see and/or order the locos they don't advertise on their North American site.
  • A new manufacturer, Tootle Engineering, has appeared, offering 16mm/ft scale models in live steam or battery power.  Some are dual gauge, some 0 gauge only.
  • East Branch Trains offers a variety of services for small-scale live steamers, and deals in used locomotives.
  • LocoBox makes a very interesting line of 16mm/ft scale locos, including some very nice-looking Garratts, for either 0 or 1 gauge.
Accucraft's Ruby kit has been delayed, but is still listed in the upcoming products.
21 December 2003
Accucraft has three exciting new announcements on their web site.  First, details of the 3-cylinder Shay mentioned earlier.  Second, a generic narrow-gauge 2-6-0 (similar in appearance to the Baldwin Centennial Mogul).  Third, the Ruby will be available as a kit, further enhancing its bashability.
5 June 2003
We are sad to report that Rio Pecos has ceased operation.  The good news is that Bob and Fran will be spending more time running trains and enjoying the hobby.  The bad news is that they were a long-established and trusted dealer, and their presence will be missed by all who dealt with them.
Accordingly, the entry for Pearse Locomotives has been updated to point only to Pearse's site.  I do not know of a North American distributor for Pearse at this time.
Accucraft's web site is now showing a pre-production photo of a 3-cylinder Mich-Cal Shay, with expected availability in third quarter of 2003.
27 May 2003
Accucraft now has a photo and ordering information about their D&RGW C-21 class 2-8-0s on their web site.  Rumor has it that they will be available in the summer of 2003.  No prices are listed, but they're supposed to be less sopisticated , and so less expensive, than the K-27s.

3 April, 2003
Garten Bahn magazine reports that Fulgurex showed a prototype for a 1:32 scale Maffei Mallet 0-4-4-0 at the Sinsheim steam get-together in January.  The loco will come in two varieties: a Deutsche Reichsbahn BR 98 710 and a Swiss SCB/CFF No. 7696.  Swiss dealer Rittech SA ( already shows them in their price list, available for reservations.  Fulgurex now has e-mail, but still no web site.

At the 2003 International Toy Fair in February, Aster showed prototypes for a Krupp 1 0-4-0 switcher from the 1930s (gas-fired loco, R/C ready) and announced a German BR 52.

The dates have been announced and reservations are now being accepted for the National Summer Steamup, July 17-20, 2003 in Sacramento CA.  This is the major summer steam event for those in the western part of the continent, and in addition to some serious small-scale steaming, it affords an opportunity to visit the California State Railroad Museum, possibly the best such museum in the world.

11 March 2003

Many updates to the Events Calendar (e.g. Sinsheim, 19th National GR Convention, et al.).

18 December, 2002

Added John Prescott Engineering to the Manufacturers listing.

17 December, 2002

Jeff Young sent in a photo of his Ruby conversion: a Huntsville & Lake of Bays Rly. saddle-tanker.  Nice!  And Clark Lord sent a photo of Dave Hottmann's amazing Ruby Garratt.  And they said it couldn't be done!

15 December, 2002

Another option for 7/8n2 fans: a live steam Decauville 0-4-0 kit from France.

10 December, 2002

What's new?  More than you'd think, if you follow this page.  I have been making updates to the site all along, but as they were mostly address changes, minor corrections, etc., I haven't listed each one here.  But over the months, things add up.  And I just made a large number of additions and changes to the Dealers and Manufacturers page and the Drawings page.

Accucraft is now taking reservations for their live steam D&RGW K-27 type (an outside-frame 2-8-2 in 1:20.3 scale).  This is available only through authorized dealers, so check the Accucraft web site for further information and the name of a dealer to work with, if you're interested in getting one.  Accucraft has also released the open-cab version of their Shay.

 The FH&PB Forney kit is again available, this time as a simpler and somewhat lower-cost production item.

Cheddar Models Ltd. now have an entire range of 16mm scale live steam locos, to run on 32mm or 45mm gauge track.

9 December 2002

Aster Hobby Co., Inc. has a new section on their web site which is in English, designed specifically for customers outside of Japan.  Check it out.

 Updates to the Steam Events Calendar: Summer Steamup in California, Shay Days in Michigan.

1 May, 2002

Cheddar Models Ltd. have announced a second gauge 1 locomotive, the Samson.  It's modeled after Bagnell's "Gibraltar" class, which were built for railways ranging from 30 inches to 5'-6" broad gauge.  Samson appears to be a limited run of 50, of which over half were pre-sold.  So, if this one strikes your fancy, you should contact Cheddar right away about availability. 
23 April, 2002
After a long hiatus, your overworked editor is trying to get the site caught up with all the latest.  Today's update consists of numerous corrections, additions and (sadly) deletions in the Dealers and Manufacturers list. 
Last fall, I received an Accucraft C-16 (the as-built version, No 42).  It's a lovely engine, easy to run and very long-winded -- mine typically runs almost an hour on a charge of fuel and water.  I'm using a photo taking by John Clark as the banner shot on my main page, and there it is on the right as well.  I am leery of seeming to be a full-time Accucraft booster, but they are building good-running locos of the prototypes we ask for, and at prices we can afford.  I wish them continued success.

The FH&PB Forney kit has been discontinued after a run of 50 units.
11 April, 2002

As if we didn't have enough on our minds and hearts, Sulphur Springs Steam Models founder Bob Paule passed away today.  It's impossible to overstate the positive force he exerted in our hobby.  He was a mentor, a collaborator and a friend, and I miss him terribly. 
12 September, 2001
The Manufacturers and Dealers page has been updated to show the new contact information for Sulphur Springs Steam Models.  The address has changed, but the great selection and service are the same. 
5 Aug, 2001
Significant news in the low-cost market: Cheddar Models has finally made a locomotive!  Their Iver features gas firing, radio control, pressure gauge and water glass -- a fully fitted engine in the entry-level price range.  And it's a good performer. 6 July, 2001
The 16mm Narrow Gauge CrackerRemember the Cricket?  The 16mm Narrow Gauge Modelers site has made available drawings for the Cracker, an 0-gauge, 1:19 scale Byers geared loco (the same prototype type as the Cricket).  It's an oscillating-cylinder design, so should be relatively easy to build. 17 May, 2001
The events page now has a listing of the steam events scheduled for the National Garden Railway Convention this summer.  Thanks to Clark Lord for providing this information. 28 April 2001 The G1MRA'sDee Book is now available, and has been added to the Books and Magazines page. 
Many updates to the Manufacturers and Suppliers page.
24 April 2001
The Gauge 1 Model Railway Association now has a web site with association information, events calendar, ordering details for the Project Book and the new Dee Book, etc. 
Accucraft Trains has a couple of new locos listed on their web site: a 2-4-2 tender variant of the Ruby and a 2-cylinder Shay modeled after the Mich-Cal Lumber No 2.
FH&PB Railroad Supply is now shipping a Forney conversion kit for the Accucraft Ruby.
22 April 2001
Miscellaneous changes to the Manufacturers and Suppliers page. 
14 February 2001
I'm back from the International Small Scale Steamup, and I brought back some good photos of Ruby modifications seen there. 
15 January 2001
Yet another Ruby modification, from Lou Banning, on the Ruby Gallery page
7 January 2001
Updates to the Events listings: Sinsheim Echtdampftreffen in Germany , Summer Steamup in California, Midwest Steamup in Missouri and the Shay Days in Michigan.  3 January, 2001 I've added a new prototype photo to the Things to do with and Accucraft Ruby page.  This one is a 2-4-4 Forney type.  Also, Lloyd Fogelquist sent a picture of Rosey, his Forney conversion, for the Ruby Gallery2 January, 2001 I just received an advance copy of a new magazine, Small Scale Live Steam Hobbyist, which will make its debut at the 2001 International Small-Scale Steamup in Diamondhead, Mississippi.  21 December, 2000
DJB Engineering's K-27 has passed its first steam test.  What a beauty!  Thanks to David Bailey for sending photos as the engine has progressed.  David expects to have a loco for us to see at the Small-Scale Steamup in Diamondhead.  Can we wait until January?  16 November 2000
Charles Dockstader has released a Windows version of his valve gear simulator program, and has created his own Valve Gear Design Simulator web site at  It can still be downloaded here, as well, and you may want to pick up the instructionshere, since they are only included in the MS-DOS version's install file, but are used for both programs.  If you want to see how a steam engine works, this is a great program; if you want to try to design a steam engine, this is an absolutely indispensible program!  14 November 2000Roundhouse Engineering have announced an American-style 0-4-4 Forney locomotive to be delivered in early 2001.  It's an inside-frame engine with link valve gear and gas firing, to run on gauge 1 (45mm) track.  Technically, the engine is actually a single Fairlie type, as the steam motor is articulated under the boiler (similar to the LGB "Forney"), allowing it to negotiate very sharp curves.  The pilot model photos show a beautiful engine, and the appearance of a link-type valve gear inside the frames hints at some exciting developments from Roundhouse in the future. 13 November 2000
The Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers has a web site with photos, sample articles from their quarterly magazine, links, etc.  The 16mm group uses a lot of steam, and has some charming railways.  9 November 2000
Oops.  Why have I not mentioned this in "What's New"?  Sidestreet Bannerworks has had a terrific "Locomotive of the Month" page going since May 2000 featuring a different, interesting small-scale steam locomotive every month.  Every engine shown has been fascinating in some different way.  Recommended.  3 November 2000
More Dealer and Manufacturer updates: 
- Mike Beeson, builder of 16mm steam locos
- Locomotion, makers of those wonderful steam railbuses
- Mamod, the well-known steam toy manufacturer
25 October 2000
Dealer and Manufacturer updates:
- Potomac Steam Industries is closing the doors.  We're very sorry to see them go.  No word yet who will handle the Brandbright or Wada products for the US.  They will, however, continue to maintain the "Live Diesel FAQ" site.
- The Märklin live steamer will be available in North America from their Canadian distributor, even though the company reportedly won't import directly to the US out of fear of liability lawsuits.
- The Accucraft Ida (a saddle-tank version of the popular Ruby) is now shipping.  We hear through the grapevine that a 2-4-2 with tender will appear around the end of the year, too.  The cute name for that engine is still a secret.
Accucraft also has a live steam version of the Rio Grande C-16 Baldwin 2-8-0 on their web site.  Pre-production models have been seen in road tests at various steamups over the summer, and San-Val has begun advertising them in their flyers, so they should be in hobby shops soon.  Since it's based on their electric C-16s, we know already what it looks like -- beautiful.
- IP Engineering, producer of the Jane for Brandbright Mamod modification parts and other interesting items, now have a web site of their own.
23 October 2000
I've updated all the listings in the Dealers and Manufacturers page (mostly minor corrections, additions and deletions). 
I'm not a great record-keeper, alas.  However, sometime late in August or early in September, the Small-Scale Live Steam Resources site will celebrate its fifth birthday!  It's true: time does fly by when you're having fun!
August 12, 2000
My own FH&PB Railroad Supply now has two more products available for the Ruby: a peaked-roof cab and a wooden pilot.
5 August, 2000Wood pilot for Ruby
There's another Ruby conversion -- this time to a 2-4-2 -- on the Ruby Gallery page. 
24 July, 2000
Roundhouse BertieRoundhouse Engineering has introduced another low-cost locomotive based on their "Basic Series" chassis: the Bertie, an attractive saddle tanker. 
The Sidestreet Bannerworks site has a couple of interesting new features: "Live Steam Loco of the Month" and "Garden Railway Aesthetics".
13 July, 2000
More builders have sent in pictures of their Ruby conversions, which you can see in the Ruby Gallery
There's now a web site for Sidestreet Bannerworks, producer of some really useful videotapes.
24 April, 2000
DJB engineering has a new web site. 
I have put new photos of my Ruby conversion and Larry Bangham's Forney in the "Things to do with an Accucraft Ruby".  I also divided up the Ruby material into prototype information and modeling information.  Go to the bottom of the prototype page for the link to the new picture and drawing gallery.
17 March 2000
Steam in the Garden index has been updated through issue no. 53 (Nov/Dec 1999). 
Maerklin has announced production of a new 1 scale live steamer, to be available in late 2000.  (Information in German only at this time.)
20 February 2000
Charles Dockstader has updated his outstanding Valve Gear Simulation Program to version Q1.  It's available here and on the Alaska Live Steamers site. 
12 February 2000
In the Shameless Self-Promotion Department, my wooden cab kit for the Ruby is now available.  This laser-cut kit fits exactly on the Ruby's footplate and gives the engine a totally different look. 
30 January 2000
Rishon Locomotive Works of Australia has introduced a limited run of a 1:20.3 scale model of the famous DSP&P Mason Bogie locomotive (based on the Breckenridge).  This engine gave a good showing at the Diamondhead steamup this year and generated a lot of positive buzz. 
24 January 2000
Westlawn Locomotive Works now has a long-awaited web site. 
In the Events Calendar, two new local US events are listed: the Spring Steamup on the Mountain in the Carolinas, and the Powderpuff Steamup in eastern Missouri.
21 January 2000 Added new address for Argyle Loco Works web page.
4 January, 2000
David Cole has set up an internet mailing list for small-scale live steam.  This is one of those groups that you send e-mail to, and it is redirected to everyone on the list.  Sort of a "chat room", in slow motion.  The discussions have been lively and informative since it started, and the participants represent a broad range of steam modelers from all over the world.  Sign up, or miss the fun! To get onto the list, send e-mail to You'll get a confirmation message; just hit "reply" on your mail application and it will finalize your sign-up. 
15 December, 1999
I have started a new section for steam locomotive product reviews submitted by live steamers.  We start with two reviews of recently available locomotives: 
Marc Horovitz of Garden Railways magazine has kindly agreed to let us post his review of the new Aster USRA Mikado kit.  Those of you who run 1:32 scale equipment will surely find this of interest.  The engine is simply beautiful!
My review of the Accucraft Ruby, which will also appear in Garden Railways, is also available online.
14 December, 1999
Roundhouse SammieWhat a year!  Roundhouse Engineering sends yet another entry-level loco into the world, with the "Sammie".  Mechanically, "Sammie" is very similar to the earlier "Millie", but cosmetically he's purely American, with saddle-tanks rather than side-tanks.  Early owners have reported excellent performance from their "Millies", so we now have three low-cost, US-style locos available, all good performers. 
Meanwhile, I've added some more plans to the "Things to do with a Ruby" page.  I'm using these to convert my own Ruby to a 2-4-0 tender engine.
Accucraft has published the Instruction Manual and Valve Adjustment Sheet for the Ruby on their product support web page.
8 December, 1999
The National Small-Scale Steamup, held every January in Diamondhead, Mississippi, now has its own domain name and web site: Lotus Lokstation of Austria now has a 1:87 scale (HO) live steam industrial engine available.  Want to get really small?  HO live steam comes and goes, so here's a rare opportunity. 
23 November, 1999
Accucraft's RubyAnother small 1:20-scale live steamer is now available, Accucraft's Ruby (pictured).  I received my Ruby, then started planning to convert it into another type of engine, and made up a web page with the results of my efforts: Things to do with the Accucraft "Ruby".  This page will be updated from time to time as I gather more data and narrow down my choices.
If you're into 7/8n2 scale, you'll be interested to know that Wrightscale is working on a live steam Decauville 0-4-0.  It's still early in development, but there is some information on Carlo Spirito's 7/8n2 site, On the other end of the spectrum from the little industrial locos, Aster has started delivering their USRA Mikado, a fabulous 1:32 scale mainline beast.  More info available at Aster USA's web page.
Miscellaneous updates made to Mfrs. and Distributors, Books and Magazines, Events.
Though not strictly steam related, I have indexed the plans drawn by Ted Stinson of Northeast Narrow Gauge and published in Garden Railways magazine.  These plans encompass everything from lineside structures to rolling stock to trucks and boats.
4 Nov. 1999

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