Small-Scale Live Steam



Gauge 1 Model Railroad Association

Membership is 15 pounds a year and there is a one-time 5 pound charge for new members. This covers not only enrollment costs, but also brings the new member copies of the Association's wheel and track standards.

The Association's focus is predominately on British railways, but each issue has some photos of American or European trains, as well as articles from all over the world.

Membership Secy. Mick Mumford
PO Box 5128
G1MRA web site:

16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers Association

Very active organization for modellers of 2-foot gauge prototypes on gauge 0 (32mm) track.  Their quarterly magazine, 16mm Today, is an excellent publication and features a lot of live steam.

Web site:

Gauge 3 Society
The Gauge 3 Society is an organization in the UK for those who are interested in building locomotives to run on 2 1/2" gauge (Gauge 3) track.  They mainly support modellers with scenic railways rather than full size passenger hauling.

Memebership dues for the Gauge 3 Society are £3 "joining fee", £15 per annual subscription.  Make cheques (PO money order, etc.) out to 'The Gauge 3 Society" and send the treasurer:

The Gauge ‘3’ Society
P. O. Box 7814
NG34 9WW
England, UK.

Web site:

National 2-1/2" Gauge Society
The National 2-1/2" Gauge Society is more operationally oriented (riding behind the locomotive and passenger hauling).

Web site:

US Regional Organizations

Bay Area GRS Live Steamers

If you live in the Bay Area of California, you should get in contact with the live steamers group of the BAGRS. The club supports a portable track (40' x 20') which is set up at least a dozen times a year.

Bay Area Garden Railway Society
205 De Anza Blvd. Suite 40
San Mateo, California, 94402
tel: (650) 358-0418
Web site:

Pacific Coast Live Steamers

This is a "non-organization organization": it has no officers, rules, meetings or dues. As such, all that the group provides is a communication vehicle for people to learn about small-scale live steamups in backyards and the like. Typically, no more than one message per month is sent out and that message gives dates and places of steamups throughout California (both north and south) and even into parts of Nevada.

Web site:
To join the mailing list, send a blank e-mail to

Denver Garden Railway Society Live Steamers

Another regional garden railroading club with an active live steam contingent is the Denver club (the oldest large-scale club in the US). The live steamers have regular steam-ups at members' layouts. Contact information:
PO Box 9256
Denver, CO 80209 USA
web site:

Washington, Virginia & Maryland Garden Railway Society

The WVMGRS has many active live steamers. If you're in the DC area, you're among many steamers with experience and excellent garden steam layouts. 

web site:

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