Small-Scale Live Steam



If you don't have a subscription to Steam in the Garden or Model Engineering then you're missing out on a wealth of information!


We'd all like a book entitled Getting Started in Small-Scale Live Steam. Until that comes along, these will help get you going.


What could be better than seeing and hearing live steamers running? Only the smell and the heat are missing.

Electronic Media

CD-ROMs and the like.


There are many live steaming resources on the Internet -- discussion groups, Web sites, files and pictures.


The fun is in the running. A listing of small-scale live steam events in the US, and pointers to calendars for overseas clubs.


Much of the information in our hobby is contained in the minds, experiences and models of its practitioners. So contacting a club is the best way to educate yourself about live steamers.

Plans and Drawings

If you're interested in building a small-scale live steamer, you'll want to begin with a published plan. Here's a place to start finding the design that's right for you.

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